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Neev Herbal Handmade Soaps

We aim to produce the highest quality handcrafted herbal products while providing a dignified means of employment for rural women and regenerating rural economy.

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Not Just a Commodity But a Vision.


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  • Kumkumadi Face Moisturizer
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  • Kajals
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  • Kumkumadi Face Wash Soap Bar Saffron and Jasmine
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  • Kumkumadi Under Eye Cream
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  • Lip Balm Beetroot and Jasmine
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  • Kesar Gulab Soap For a Radiant and Smooth Skin

Best Sellers

Kumkumadi Face Moisturizer Click Here

Best Sellers

Kajals Click Here

Best Sellers

Kumkumadi Face Wash Soap Bar Saffron and Jasmine Click Here

Best Sellers

Kumkumadi Under Eye Cream Click Here

Best Sellers

Lip Balm Beetroot and Jasmine Click here

Best Sellers

Kesar Gulab Soap For a Radiant and Smooth Skin Click here

What Our Customers Are Saying…

I have been using this face soap for a month. My skin is dry but this soap is maintaining the moisture in my skin. At least you are not adding chemicals on your skin. Secondly, I would suggest only using any herbal soap is not enough for good skin. Please drink a lot of water and eat fruits too. 


I’m in love with this soap. Throw all your expensive face washes and go for this soap. Just within just 2 washes, I can feel my skin so soft. Please don’t change the quality of this product. Keep it like this.


I have been using neev soap for 5 months now and it’s an excellent soap. It improved my skin complexion, cleared my face, keeps my skin soft, and supple all through the day,  adding a beautiful glow. I have tried many but this soap worked on me. It’s a value for money and the scent is very mild. I can smell the natural oils and the saffron, just a beautiful soap. Worth to buy. 


I never expected the product to last this long. Indeed a go-to soap (face wash) maintains the quality and originality. For the price, I can confidently say it’s a hundred times better than the top brands face wash in the market. In the end, your skin matters more than those big brands. Even after using it thrice a day this soap lasted for a good 45+ days. Never till date I experienced any itching or other sensation on the skin. Love this product. Certainly, I will continue using the same. 


I am glad to announce here, this is a rural women enterprise that makes Neev Herbal products with purity and their traditional innocence. I had ordered Neev Soaps, saffron and jasmine essence, last month n happy to use it. Moreover, our small contribution may encourage their art of work!!!
Go Ahead and Place Order!! 


This soap is very natural and I could feel the clearer skin black dots have been reducing. Posting this review after using for 2 to 3 weeks till now.


Social Enterprise

Women Empowerment

Neev provides employment to around 50 women from the village Hurlung of Jharkhand. 90% of the employees in Neev are women. No machines are used in the production process and all the work is done by hand. We are also proud to claim that we provide a safe and happy working environment for all our employees.

Education For Children

We at Neev provide English medium education to more than 50 kids from Hurlung and other nearby villages, Jharkhand. We also help young girls finance their higher education from their earnings at Neev. Moreover, the employees can ensure a good education for their children from their earnings too.